Welcome to the Atlantic Beach King Mackerel Saltwater Slam

2018 Tournament Rules

No checkouts with boundaries.


2017 Tournament Rules

The following rules apply to the King Mackerel section of this tournament: 

Participants can fish anytime during the tournament dates of October 1st – October 21st at 2 pm.

Tournament start date will be October 1st running through October 21st at 2:00 pm.

Entry fee for this King Mackerel Tournament is $250 to be paid by September 30th at 8 PM by cash or check. Tournament within a Tournament Fee is $100.00 to be accompanied with entry fee.

There will be an awards banquet at the Town Park on October 21st at 4:00 PM.

Winner of all prizes will be required to be in attendance at the Awards Banquet to win their prize. (Captain or Co-Captain)

Tournament competition limited to motorized boats only.

Each boat entered will have to designate its Captain and Co-captain. This Captain and Co-Captain will be allowed to be a crew member on other boats but can’t weigh a fish in their name or boat name.

Each boat entered can only be registered once.

There is no restriction as to the number of people allowed aboard each boat during competition hours.

All participants must comply with NC Wildlife laws and USCG regulations.

The tournament committee reserves the right to refuse an entry into the tournament.

Each contestant will be allowed to weigh in only two fish during this tournament.

Fish have to be brought to Chasin Tails by boat on the same day it’s caught and off loaded and weighed by 7 PM.

The eligible species for competition purposes is king mackerel.

This is a sporting event. All fish must be taken on a rod and reel. No boat lines or electric reels will be allowed. Down riggers will be permitted as fishing line carriers only. If a down rigger is used in the manner of a fishing rod/reel combination, it must be counted as one of the six allowable lines.

A captain and co-captain will be required for the boat being registered by the September 30th deadline. No alterations will be allowed after this deadline. The declared captain OR co-captain must be on boat registered during the tournament day to be eligible to weigh a fish. All winnings will be made payable to the registered captain.

A boat may be substituted for mechanical repairs only by notification to the tournament committee the day before being fished.

Any advertiser, sponsor, board or committee member entering the tournament in compliance with these rules is eligible for any and all prizes.

Information entered on the registration form is official and any changes must be initialed by the participant.

It is the sole responsibility of the crew aboard each boat to off-load and present its catch for weighing. Captain or Co-Captain must accompany the fish to the weigh station.

All fish must be brought to the tournament headquarters by boats catching same under its own power. Fish must be unloaded at designated docks only. Fish cannot be transported over land.

A signed, sworn affidavit will be required of each individual who places a fish in competition for tournament prizes.

All prize winners are subject to polygraph at the discretion of the tournament board members. If requested, the angler must submit to a test within 48 hours after the fish has been weighed.

All King Mackerel submitted for weigh-in must be in fresh, edible condition and caught that tournament day. No mutilated fish will be accepted for weigh-in. Mutilation is defined as any damage which may impair the fish’s fighting ability. The Weight Master shall immediately notify an angler of any questionable fish submitted for weigh-in. Eligibility of fish shall be immediately determined. No frozen fish will be accepted for weigh-in under any circumstances. No fish with stomach contents other than its natural food will be accepted for weigh-in. All fish weighed in become property of the Atlantic Beach King Mackerel Saltwater Slam.

All protests concerning the determination of tournament prize winners shall be made to the tournament board and shall be accompanied by $500 cash. All protests shall be made no later than one hour after the last fish has been weighed. In the event that a protest is upheld by the tournament committee, the $500 cash deposit will be returned. In the event that the protest is not upheld, the $500 cash deposit will become the property of the Atlantic Beach King Mackerel Saltwater Slam. All decisions made by the tournament committee shall be final.

At the time of weigh in, a team may protest the weight of their fish and such protest shall be accompanied by a $500 protest fee which shall be paid within 1 hour of the protest. In connection with the protest the team SHOULD NOT sign the weigh ticket. Once the weigh ticket is signed the weight is FINAL and no protest will be accepted. If a protest is filed on the weight of the fish, the fish will be segregated and placed in a fish bag under the control of the weigh master until a member of the tournament committee can be present to witness the reweighing of the fish. A member of the team protesting the weight shall stay with the fish until the fish is reweighed. The $500 protest fee will be returned, and the official weight of the fish will be changed.  If the committee does not uphold the protest the $500 cash deposit will be kept by the Atlantic Beach King Mackerel Tournament, Inc.

No full time guides are allowed to enter.

A boat entry can only win one major cash prize per tournament. (Major cash prize is considered first place – fifth place).

In the event that two or more king mackerel are the same weight, the winner shall be determined by the earliest weigh-in time.

The winning fish and all fish entered and or donated become the exclusive property of the tournament committee.

Any breaking of the rules will result in disqualification from the tournament. Disqualifications will result in forfeiture of winnings.

The Tournament Committee will determine or interpret all rules.

The ABKMSS is owned entirely by the non-profit Atlantic Beach King Mackerel Tournament, Inc.

Boundaries for King Mackerel section of this Tournament

Will be within thirty miles of Beaufort Inlet

(Drum Inlet, Chicken Rock, Atlas Tanker, 210 Rock, New River Reef, Browns Inlet) If you leave these boundaries anytime during the day you are not eligible to weigh a fish that day.